Principal's Message

Eagle students, parents, and community members!!

My name is Gavin Fisher, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to lead Ewing Middle school as your principal!

At Ewing Middle our motto is….Attitude-Effort-Kindness….and everything we do is centered in those three expectations. We chose those attributes because they are all things students can control, and they are also the greatest characteristics of successful people.

At Ewing Middle we feel strongly that incentives for positive behaviors that we expect are more effective than punishments for poor behavior, so we are implementing a variety of opportunities for students to be recognized and rewarded for their behavior. This includes Positive Principal Referrals, TALON cards, Friday Lunch Dance Parties, Birds of Prey quarterly celebrations, and students of the month.

At Ewing Middle, it is our goal for your child to not only grow academically, but also to develop a stronger skill set that helps you child succeed beyond middle school. We will work with your child to help them develop their academic skills, soft skills, personal skills, and professional skills in our NEST class and in the regular classroom.

At Ewing Middle we will work diligently every day to engage your child in meaningful lessons, hold them accountable for their work, build their reading/writing/math skills, and provide opportunities for improvement. We will find time to provide extra help to any student that needs it.

At Ewing Middle, it is our goal that your child continues to love learning, is excited to go to school, and always feels loved and cared for by the adults in our building.

As a parent/guardian, you are a valuable piece of what we are working to accomplish.  We encourage you to talk with your student about what they have learned each day.  We encourage you to read to, and with, your student.  Your input is important to us.  We want to know what areas you feel like we do well, and what areas you feel we need to improve.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a question or a concern.

Thank you for trusting us with your most valuable possession! Let’s have a great year!

Work Hard! Be Positive! Be Kind!


Gavin Fisher

Principal – Ewing Middle