Congratulations Ewing Science Fair Winners!

Congratulations Ewing Science Fair Winners!

Congratulations to the following Ewing Middle School Science Fair winners:

Physical Science

1st Place: Can Composting and Recycling Help Reduce The Need For More Landfills? (CJ Cody) (6th Grade)

2nd Place: Water Purification Science Project (Carson Bailey) (7th Grade)

3rd Place: Which Filtration System Can Filter Water With the Most Efficiency? (Taylor Wilkerson and Aubree Rice) 7th Grade



1st Place: Do Sugary and Sugar Free Soft Drinks Affect Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate? (Alexus Jones and Bailee Mullinax) (7th Grade)

2nd Place: How Much Blood Flow is Reduced with a 62% Reduction in Artery Size or Blockage? (Mason Mabe) (6th Grade)


General Science

1st Place: Melavana Bars (Randon Hannon, Jake Reynolds, and Clay Short) (8th Grade)


Behavioral Science

1st Place: Does Listening to Music Improve Concentration? (Adam Bogan, Noah Fowler, and James Foster) (7th Grade)

2nd Place: Are Dogs Left Pawed, Right Pawed, or Ambidextrous? (Nyla Harris and Ellyson Tate) (7th Grade)



1st Place: An Alternative to Road Salt (Jake Duckett) (8th Grade)

2nd Place: Can Charcoal Remove Contaminates From Water?  (Neeley Shaffer (6th Grade)

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